Background & Services

I am a hard working sustainability management graduate with proven leadership and organizational skills. I have held a number of positions which promote marketing a business' sustainability initiatives, be that the social and/or environmental impact on local communities or those communities abroad affected by the company. I am experienced in compiling CSR reports, competitor benchmarking, sustainability communications, and collaborating with numerous teams, both local and overseas, to do so.

Below are the services I can offer you and your business.


Sustainability Communications

* Developing and executing sustainability communications plans for leadership involvement, messaging, media relations, partnerships, sponsorships, philanthropic commitments, speaking platforms, and social media 

* Providing communications support to promote the organization’s sustainability-related products and or services

* Developing and executing internal communications amongst colleagues 

* Content creation and writing articles concerning social and environmental impact e.g. blog posts, social media copy-writing

* Content creation for annual sustainability reports utilizing the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework 


Research & analysis

* Researching market trends and sustainability within your industry

* Competitor Benchmarking

* Topic Benchmarking

* Communications Benchmarking

* Developing and executing metrics-driven strategies to measure impact

* Deck creation to present results can be included upon request



* Researching potential partnerships, maintaining and fostering relationships

* Customer interviews and analysis

* Third-party certification research and implementation

*  Organizing and attending trade shows or other events to promote the company/brand